Truth Magazine July 2020

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EDITORIAL: Significant Shared Relationships, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Significant Shared Relationships, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: All the Way My Savior Leads Me, by Sherelyn Mayberry

DOCTRINE: Reflections on Romans: The Hope of God’s Family, by David Flatt

THE CHURCH: Biblical Benevolence, by Bruce Reeves

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Is It Right to Eat in the Church Building?, by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Shechem, Tel Balatah, by Leon Mauldin


Maintaining Our Spiritual Appetite, by David A. Cox

When a Loved One Is Making a Terrible Mistake, by Heath Rogers

The Empowerment of Longsuffering, by Steven J. Wallace

The Ability and Responsibility to Remember, by Jerry King

That Nagging Feeling: How God Uses Restlessness, by Jacob Hudgins

POEM: Going the Way of All the Earth, by Pat Andrews

Message from the Editor


In my editorial for the July issue of Truth Magazine, I consider the rights and responsibilities that we enjoy in three divinely-ordained shared relationships: family, civil government, and the church.

In his meditations column, Kyle Pope discusses ancient Israel’s oft-stated desire, “We will be like the nations. . .” which reflected a spirit of cowardice and compromise. Seeking to please men results in defilement and incurs divine displeasure (Ezek. 20:30-32).

In the Women’s Insights column, Sherelyn Mayberry explores the biblical foundation of “All the Way My Savior Leads Me,” a beloved hymn by Fanny J. Crosby. By so doing, she encourages her sisters to follow the Good Shepherd.

In the Doctrine column, David Flatt continues his “Reflections on Romans,” addressing “The Hope of God’s Family.” Like Israel being led through the Red Sea, receiving the law at Mt. Sinai, and being led to the promised land by God’s presence, Paul brings his new exodus narrative to a close. Now, God’s family is guided by the Spirit to their inheritance.

In the Church column, Bruce Reeves presents the biblical pattern of benevolence. Webster defines “benevolence” as a “disposition to do good” or “an act of kindness, a generous gift.” Biblically speaking, God’s benevolence was shown through the gift of His son. How are we (individually and collectively) to exhibit this quality?

In the Q-n-A column, Bobby Graham fields the question, “Is it right to eat in the church building?” as is asserted by the writer whom he quotes and reviews.

In the Archaeology column, Leon Mauldin leads us on a tour of Shechem, Tel Balatah. Shechem (located today in the Palestinian West Bank) has great biblical significance, spanning the ages from Abraham (Gen. 12:7) down through the Babylonian captivity (Jer. 41:5); the site has New Testament connotation, being near Jacobs’ well, where Jesus conversed with the Samaritan woman (John 4).

The theme section of this issue of Truth Magazine is entitled, “Growing in Faith.” Although this is an “open issue,” most of the articles address the need for spiritual growth. We offer the following collection:

Maintaining Our Spiritual Appetite, by David A. Cox. Physical health is dependent mainly on proper exercise and diet. David reminds us that a similar principle applies in the spiritual realm. Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt. 5:6; John 6:35)?

When a Loved One Is Making a Terrible Mistake, by Heath Rogers. The warning that Jesus gave to Peter on the night that He was betrayed provides us with a pattern to follow when our loved ones are making terrible mistakes.

The Empowerment of Longsuffering, by Steven J. Wallace. Longsuffering is a fruit of the Spirit that empowers a Christian to rise above his surroundings. God is “full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering and abundant in mercy and truth” (Ps. 86:15). Are we?

The Ability and Responsibility to Remember, by Jerry King. Sacred Scripture repeatedly calls upon men to remember God’s marvelous deeds, His will, and word, along with their respective duties. Are we mindful or forgetful of such things?

That Nagging Feeling: How God Uses Restlessness, by Jacob Hudgins. Job complained, “When I lie down, I say, ‘When shall I arise?’ But the night continues, and I am continually tossing until dawn” (Job 7:4). When we experience similar restlessness, the sensation that things are not as they should be can serve as fuel for our spiritual lives.

Going the Way of All the Earth, by Patrick Andrews, is a poetic reflection upon the message of Ecclesiastes.

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