Truth Magazine March 2022


EDITORIAL: Truth or Fiction? by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: “Since There Was a Nation”, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Running the Race by Resting, by Lindsay Mast

PREACHING THE GOSPEL: An Unchanging Message for Changing Times, by John Humphries

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit’s Role in Redemption, by Shane Carrington

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Why Do Catholics Worship Mary? by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Hatshepsut (Egypt’s Female Pharaoh) and Moses, by Leon Mauldin


Leaders Develop Trust, by Keith Hamilton

It’s Not That Complicated, by Bob Watson

Using Instrumental Music to Promote the Gospel, by Joe R. Price

Hell, by Dennis Abernathy

A Romans 12 Self-Examination, by Lance R. Taylor

Virgie Faye Bell “Judged Him Faithful Who Had Promised”, by Ron Halbrook