Truth Magazine May 2023


EDITORIAL: Categorizing the Prophets, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Casting Pearls before Swine, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Homeschooling: Training Children to Communicate, by Diana Dow

HIS MIND IN ME: Our Joyful Fellowship in Christ, by Bruce Reeves

DEVELOPING A FIRM FAITH: Through the Humanity of Christ, by Shane Carrington

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: The Misuse of Matthew 18:20, by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Biblical Archaeology in Berlin, by Luke Chandler

MENTORING: Mentoring Hospitality, by Chris Reeves

VOICES OF YOUTH: Why Be Modest as a Christian?, by Raven Willis


#1 God’s People in Obadiah, by Alan Yeater

#2 God’s Wrath in Joel, by David Diestelkamp

#3 God’s Mercy in Jonah, by Joe Greer

#4 God’s Righteousness in Amos, by Kevin Kay

#5 God’s Love in Hosea, by Chuck Durham

#6 God’s Mountain in Micah, by Bob McPherson


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