Truth Magazine November 2021

2021 11 Nov Truth Magazine Cover 250 Pixels


EDITORIAL: The Joys of Fellowship, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: The Earthquake When Jesus Died, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Homeschooling Is. . . by Diana Dow

PREACHING THE GOSPEL: Preaching as a Mature Man, by John Humphries

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: The Importance of Truth, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Bobby answers several questions about the new birth, by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Go to the Potter’s House, by Leon Mauldin

MONTHLY THEME: Fellowship in the Gospel

What Is Biblical Fellowship? by Kyle Pope

Are Social Functions Fellowship? by Ron Halbrook

Is Worship Fellowship? by David Dann

Is Everything that Christians Do Together “Fellowship in the Gospel”? by Harold Hancock

When and How Is Fellowship Broken? by Mark Mayberry

When and How Is Fellowship Maintained? by Bruce Reeves