Truth Magazine October  2022


EDITORIAL: Introduction to Colossians, by Steve Wolfgang

MEDITATIONS: Questions about Abortion, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: A New Creature, by Sherelyn Mayberry

THE LOVE OF GOD: Did Jesus Die for the Whole World? by Bruce Reeves

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: The Fruit of the Spirit, by Shane Carrington

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: How Are We Supposed to Stand Out for Jesus? by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Going Up to Jerusalem, by Barry Britnell

MENTORING: Selfishness vs. Selflessness, by Chris Reeves

VOICES OF YOUTH: Habits of Hospitality and Service, by Abraham Mayberry


Introduction to Colossians, by Nathan Ward

Colossians 1: Knowing Jesus, by Andrew Dow

Colossians 2: Gnostic Tendencies Then and Now, by Jeff Smelser

Colossians 3: Transformation, by B.J. Sipe

Colossians 4: Living the New Life, by Bruce Reeves

Colossians for Women: Why Textual Study?, by Lauren Bassford


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