Truth Magazine September 2020

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In my editorial, entitled, “Contemporary Tribalism vs. Christian Unity,” As protests and riots have buffeted our nation, the fabric of society has frayed. Many now question the assumptions that bind us together. Yet, Christ is the answer to societal ills, and He calls us to spiritual unity.

In his Meditations Column, Kyle Pope ponders the promise of “No Condemnation.” Under what conditions can we enjoy the assurance of experiencing “no condemnation?” The gospel reveals that those “in Christ” can have this hope, but it also clearly defines what it means to be “in Christ.”

In the Women’s Insights Column, Lindsay Mast offers the second article in her series on “Running the Race: When the Course Isn’t Clear.” “As 2020 keeps throwing its pandemic punches,” she asks, “How can we continue to run well when the course is full of fog, obstacles, and even danger?”

In the Doctrine Column, David Flatt continues his “Reflections on Romans.” His article is entitled, “God’s Selection & Reshaping a Remnant (Part 2).” The concept of a remnant is central to understanding God’s dealings with humanity: “Though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sand of the sea, it is the remnant that will be saved” (Rom. 9:27; cf. Isa. 10:22).

In the Church Column, Mike Willis looks at “Preaching as an Act of Worship.” Preaching was an essential part of worship assemblies in the New Testament church. Renouncing the denominational emphasis on entertainment, let us reaffirm our commitment to hearing and obeying heaven’s message.

In the Questions and Answers Column, Bobby Graham responds to the following inquiry: “How does one respond to the idea that the New Testament epistles are simply ‘love letters’ having no authority behind them?” Bobby reminds us that the gospel message comes from the King of Kings.

In the Archaeology Column, Luke Chandler shares information about a recently unearthed statues of a “Canaanite Fertility Goddess.” Ancient and modern cultures share a common emphasis on sexuality, debasing a divine gift, corrupting character, and dishonoring God.


The September issue of Truth Magazine is an “Open Issue,” i.e., a collection of articles that have been submitted by various faithful brethren.

Article 1 is entitled “Leadership Involves Being and Doing Habits” by Keith Hamilton. Our brother reminds us that leadership occurs whenever we influence the thinking, behavior, or development of another person.

Article 2 is entitled “A Messenger of Satan” by Howard Whittlesey. When a messenger of Satan hounds a man about his departure from God’s path, our Savior is only a prayer away from penitence and resolution with which Satan cannot cope.

Article 3 is entitled “Are the Elements of the Lord’s Supper Essential or Incidental?” by Ron Halbrook. The Bible contains a pattern for the work, worship, and organization of the Lord’s church. Ron asks, “Does the pattern concept include the elements of the Lord’s supper, which Jesus instituted on the night of His betrayal?”

Article 4 is entitled “Is It Really about Race? What Did Jesus Say?” by Dick Blackford. As our society experiences a renewed period of civil unrest, we are reminded that there is something more important than race that needs our undivided attention—namely, the cultivation of one’s character.

Article 5 is “A Review of the Neubauer-Reeves Debate on the AD 70 Doctrine” by Shawn Chancellor. The AD 70 doctrine is a heretical approach toward Scripture. It imposes an artificial grid upon our understanding of the sacred text, with the result that nearly every page of the Bible is subjected to radical reinterpretation.

Article 6 is “In Memory of E.M. Chandler” by Forrest Morris. Brother Chandler (May 9, 1930-July 6, 2020) was a beloved member of the Lord’s church—faithful, always encouraging, and supportive. His infectious smile and delightful sense of humor brought joy to friends, family, and fellow Christians.

I appreciate the excellent articles that have been submitted this month. We trust that you will be admonished, instructed, and uplifted through reading this useful material. If you have not yet subscribed to Truth Magazine, we encourage you to do so. The magazine is available as a printed monthly journal, and also accessible through a variety of digital platforms (Amazon Kindle, ePub and PDF versions, and also accessible through your web-browsers).

Mark Mayberry