Truth Magazine September 2023


EDITORIAL: Soundness, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: The Lord’s Supper, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Running a Marathon, by Lindsay Mast

HIS MIND IN ME: Work Out Your Own Salvation, by Bruce Reeves

FIRM FAITH IN A FALLEN WORLD: Firm Faith through Maturity in Christ, by Shane Carrington

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: The Importance of a Preacher His Duties and Qualifications (Part 2), by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Are We Going to Find Noah’s Ark? by Luke Chandler

MENTORING: Marriage Planning (Part 2), by Chris Reeves

VOICES OF YOUTH: The Importance of a Name, by Abraham Mayberry


#1: The Public Gospel Invitation, by Joe R. Price

#2: Building Faith, by Greg Prince

#3: The Sin of Murmuring, by Glendol McClure

#4: He Knows Not How, by Jacob Hudgins

#5: How the Holy Spirit Operates in the Life of a Christian, by Mike Richardson

#6: Can You Divorce Your Spouse for Being Addicted to Pornography? by Chris Reeves


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