Two Marked Men

By Irvin Himmel

Following the slaying of his brother Abel, Cain was driven out and became a fugitive and a vagabond. Cain complained that his punishment was too severe and thought that every one who found him would try to slay him. “And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him” (Gen. 4:15).

Cain marked himelf with disgrace and shame when he murdered his brother. It appears that God set a mark or sign upon him to prevent his being slain in vengeance. What that mark was we do not know. It served as a token of God’s pity and mercy.

The great apostle Paul was also a marked man. He wrote in Gal. 6:17, “1 bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” This probably refers to the scars, bruises, wounds, and fleshly signs of persecutions and hardships which he suffered for serving the Lord. Many of the Jews gloried in circumcision, a fleshly token of nationality, but Paul gloried in that which branded him as a servant of Jesus Christ.

Paul also was marked as belonging to Christ by holy living, keeping his body in subjection, and by the image of Christ that shone in his words and deeds. In this sense, every child of God should be clearly branded.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 37, p. 597
September 20, 1979