Two Telephone Calls

By Louis J. Sharp

The office, telephone rang. The caller was a concerned and grieving grandmother. She was stirred with emotion as she related to me that her grandson had been involved in an automobile accident. He had “totaled” a car his father had recently purchased for him. On the highway between Little Rock and Pine Bluff, he and a truck had collided. The young lad was unconscious, had a large gash on his head, but luckily, no broken bones. Presently, he is in a local hospital in stable condition, but under observation. The sad grandmother could scarcely hold back sobs of grief and anguish, she was so “choked up!” We offered our sympathy and help, but could really do little more than pray for the young man and his family.

On the plus side, this teenager had never been involved with drugs or alcohol. He is a fine young lad in most every way, except he is not a Christian!

After leaving the study and driving home, scarcely had I arrived until my wife called me to the telephone. One of our members was relaying a message to me. A fellow Christian, from Bossier City, Louisiana, had received news that her son, who is stationed at the Little Rock Air Force Base, had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. There were no particulars about the accident, but he too, is in another local hospital in critical condition. The distraught mother was requesting our prayers.

This young man, evidently influenced by military life and the allurements of this world, was no longer attending the services of the church. His faithful mother had recently been here to talk with him and to encourage her son to be faithful as a Christian. Like so many others, he had not heeded her pleas.

Two accidents! One a teenager, the other a young man of twenty. How barely each escaped instant death. According to our understanding of God’s word, neither was prepared to meet his God! I do not know how or why these accidents happened, but it does seem an impossible task to get the young to understand the danger of speed! Also, for them to realize that they are driving machines that are indeed wonderful, but can be “killers.” And yes, they seem not to comprehend the brevity and uncertainty of life. These things may be true of old and young alike!

This day may have been a little unusual, but by no means exaggerated. These things here related come to those of us who preach, all too often. From our experiences in dealing with calamities and human suffering, such incidents may be multiplied a hundred-fold.

Youth, filled with life, vitality, hope, and expectation, may not consider that life’s thread can be snapped at anytime. Although we cite them the language of Job, “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, and are spent without hope” (Job 7:6), they ask, “Who was Job?” “What has a weaver’s shuttle got to do with my life?” or “What is a weaver’s shuttle?” They do not see the connection.

Young people, we want you to see that even though you are in good health, accidents do occur. Your life which is today so full and promising, can be cut off; yes, just like the thread in the weaver’s shuttle. Preparation is essential for all, young and old alike. Dedication and Christian living must continue if we are to avail ourselves of the promised blessing – life eternal with God!

Young people, older people, all people, please beware and prepare to meet your God (Amos 4:12)! This thought should be paramount with each of us. If we lose our souls, nothing else matters. Where will you be in eternity?

Guardian of Truth XXXII: 16, p. 495
August 18, 1988