Two Trees

By Curtis Ray Hafley

Two families planted two seeds.

The seeds grew and made two trees;

They were frail and weak and needed love;

They were watered and grew with help from above.

The years passed and the trees took their form,

Both growing strong, withstanding the storms,

Each guarding the other from the cold and wind,

Sharing the sunlight, the best of friends.

The trees grew so close together

That one couldn’t live without the other.

Their branches touched and their leaves grew;

Their trunks embraced and glistened in the dew.

The trees, they joined both body and branch,

Sharing all things on their own little ranch.

Together they stand, strong in the wind,

Neither allowing the other to break or bend.

You can see these two trees still standing strong,

Appearing as one after, 0, so long,

All because two families came to this place

And planted two seeds that time can ne’er erase.

Guardian of Truth XLI: 16 p. 11
August 21, 1997