Typical Fund Raising Letters

Recently I wrote a note to several TV evangelists asking that my name be added to their mailing list to receive whatever free publications they distribute. Since then, I have been receiving fund raising letters from every evangelist I wrote. Here are a couple of samples of what I am receiving:

This touching story I’m about to tell you is true! And I believe it is the key to your miracle.

My Dear Friend,

God has given me a Word for you. . .

. . . a divinely-inspired Miracle Plan to help you receive that miracle you or your loved ones need, today.

. . . And it has to do with this button I’ve enclosed (my letter had a button taped to the card with my address) I believe this little button is the key to your miracle from God! Let me tell you about the button. . .

The letter told of the minister’s visit to Guatemala, report of the poverty afflicting their citizens, God telling him to help the children, and the following appeal for money:

This little button I’ve sent you is your symbol of hope and faith that your miracle will come to pass as you help others receive theirs. Please don’t let the devil distract you from the needs of the world and rob you of your miracle. Send this little button back with your gift of $50 to help us mend the little children’s shirts and at the same time mend broken hearts . . . and help this ministry in everything else we are doing to reach the city, the nation, and the world for Jesus!

Another letter came a day or two later and was entitled “The Rainbow’s Promise.” It read as follows:

Beloved in Christ,

As a memento (sic) of our Anniversary, I am delighted to offer, for the first time, a most appropriate gift for all of my supportive (sic) friends and partners.

It is similar to the exquisite Cross offered at Easter Time, which looks like a miniature stained-glass window. Perhaps the most popular offer in the last 10 or 15 years, we had to replenish our supply four times to meet all the requests. . .

The first time I saw it, I was reminded of a supernatural visitation experienced by my late husband when he was just a babe in Christ.

After relating the supernatural visitation, the media evangelist told me how to get my dove in the rainbow.

To receive yours, simply mark the box on the prayer form, and it will be sent in gratitude for your offering. . . A number of my friends are giving $45.00, to commemorate each ministry year. Others are giving $23.00, honoring each year I have carried the ministry forward since my husband’s passing. A few creative folks have combined those figures and sent $68.00. Some are giving smaller and some larger gifts, but regardless of the amount, each sacrifice is appreciated so much.

Inasmuch as some of our audience might be moved by the divine touch of the Spirit to respond to these requests, I have volunteered to serve as a forwarding agent. Please send cash only! That way the IRS won’t be bothering me.

Mike Willis

Guardian of Truth XXXI: 12, p. 387
June 18, 1987