By Garreth L. Clair

Today much emphasis is placed upon getting a good education so that we will be able to make a good living, advance in socially accepted circles, be informed, live relevantly to the now-age, etc. I sometimes wonder if we are not educating ourselves into Hell, when men consider their wisdom and intellectual attainments reason for disputing the claims of the Originator of the universe. I am convinced that far too many are.

The prognostications of a new and vitally emerging religion, which they have tagged ecumenical (“union in diversity’), point to the audacity of man and his stupid idealism. Yes, many religious leaders have ignored the Biblical plan for unity and have spearheaded a unity movement based upon wisdom, emotion, reason, and relevancy which they think are lacking in the church described in the Holy Scriptures.

The unity movement described in the Bible is evidently too simple for today’s intellectual thrust which is termed “the ecumenical movement.” We say too simple because it has been ignored as unworkable or has not been considered relevant to unity now. I would like to suggest that the unity plan revealed in the Holy Scriptures is workable and is approved by God. Please note the following facts;

1. Christ has pleaded for unity of all his followers based upon his words (John 27:20, 21).

2. The Holy Spirit has revealed a seven point plan for unity of all disciples (Eph. 4:4-6).

a. One Body-Not 300 different warring factions (denominations).

b. One Spirit-Not one to me and a different one to you.

c. One Hope-Heaven, not distortations as described by Buddha.

d. One Lord-Jesus Christ-not Gandhi, Krishna, etc.

e. One Faith-Jude 3, not many different varieties.

f. One Baptism-Immersion, not Holy Spirit, fire, sprinkling, etc.

g. One God-“I AM,” not a dead idol.

Unity cannot possibly be attained today unless men get back to those truths which are found in God’s Holy Word. Unity is attainable but it must be sought according to God’s wisdom and not according to man’s. Man has never been able to unify simply because one man’s standard is not acceptable to all other men, but man can look back to his Creator and properly respect His revelation, if he would just try.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:20, pp. 4-5
March 21, 1974