Used to Be’s

By David A. Beck

Mom thought I was cute, precious, and her little boy.
“Everything I did,” she said, “brought the greatest joy.”
What you were won’t last forever is clear to see;
But my heart was molded by what she thought of me.

I soon became a happy, well-adjusted teen;
 Never a care in the world, or so it then seemed.
Idealistic, uninhibited and free;
Oh, for the simple state of what I “used to be.”

That’s when I met Marti and we became best friends.
We talked of life and love and a world without end;
Of where we would live, how many children there’d be.
I never dreamed there’d be the day of “used to be’s.”

As man and wife striving to please one another;
And be to our kids the best father and mother.
We worked so hard at trying to accomplish these,
It’s now hard to imagine them as “used to be’s.”

It’s hard as you look back after losing your wife
To not see only an empty “used to be” life.
But as a slave to the past you will never see
What you can still do and what you can still be.

The Lord said, “With others your life still can be shared.
“There are more children to help and know that you care.
“By example teach others to look up and see.
“Life’s more than yesterdays and broken ‘used to be’s.”

He said, “I know that you’ve stumbled and lost your pace.
“But, like Paul,  sufficient for you will be my grace.
“Three times He begged me to heal the thorn in his flesh.
“But through suffering sometimes we can do our best.”

“Though you may feel like it, you’re not really alone.
“I am still by your side though your Marti’s gone home.