“Value-free Terms”

By Bill Reeves

The ungodly of our society use the age-old tactic of euphemism, the employing of “smooth and fair speech” to “beguile the hearts of the innocent” (Rom. 16:18).

First we were treated to a dose of “values clarification” which, like all such deceitful terms, really means just the opposite: “values confusion,“ or “values substitution. ”They have succeeded in making many believe that they have clarified something, when in reality their devotees are now confused over what is of value and what is not. The proponents of so-called “values clarification” have succeeded in great part in getting their values substituted for the values which our founding fathers used to form this nation. The only thing that the ungodly have clarified is their determination to destroy the values of others.

Now, we are being treated to a different medicine of “smooth and fair speech,” and, like the previous one, it also is deceitful. (What can you expect from those who are servants of the Father of lies? — John 8:44) The American Psychological Association has come out with an article, in defense of consensual sex between adults and children, in which we are told that we should use “value-free” terms. We are told that we should abandon such terms as “child abuse,” “molestation,” and “victims,” in our discussion of pedophilia, when the cases are about consensual sex, and should discuss the issue with “value-free” terms!

First the purveyors of ungodliness confused and substituted values, and now they are trying to abolish them altogether! In other words, we should not speak of any sin as being sinful! Anything that man wants to do should be spoken of in euphemistic lingo! How convenient!

The Nor th American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) says: “Sex does not pose the danger to minors claimed by police, prosecutors and prudes crusading against man/boy love.” (Note how deceitfully the statement switches from “sex” to “love”! No one is crusading against a man loving a boy, but against a man having sex with a boy. However, isn’t “love” a value?) As to values, is not the above quote a statement of the value (to the pedophile) of consensual man/boy sex? (He considers it of great value!) When the pedophile calls others “crusading prudes,” is he using a “value-free” term? The ungodly want everyone else to use “value-free” terms, but they are exempt from their own law; they refer to us as “crusading prudes.” Couldn’t they find a term, with which to refer to us, without using one that puts a bad value on us? They can have their values, but others cannot!

Don’t let euphemistic terms deceive you! Fornication is still fornication, even though the self-styled intellectuals call it “consensual sex.” Why not call murder “specialized elimination,” or stealing, “personalized acquisition and appropriation”? (After all, the bank robber simply has an “alternate lifestyle” in directing his economics!) Would these “value-free” terms make these sins acceptable? Would cow manure smell better if we called it “bovine excreta”? Whom do they think they are kidding with their call for “value-free” terms? Well, they are kidding untold numbers of people, those who are not thinking for themselves! That’s why the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul wrote Romans 16:18.

When I was a young preacher, an old-timer told me: “Of what the false teacher accuses you, he himself is guilty.” How true, how true! The “value-free” advocate will try to press his values on you! He will criticize you for “criticizing,” judge you for “judging,” won’t tolerate your “intolerance,” will put you down for not recognizing everyone’s “self-esteem,” and is absolutely sure that there are “no absolutes.” Just remember this, all you crusading prudes!