Volume Twenty Completed

By Mike Willis

With this issue, volume twenty of Truth Magazine will come to a close. Throughout the past twenty years, the pages of this journal have been filled with instruction pertaining to issues within the church in an effort to remind Christians that one must have Bible authority for all which he says and does. Truth Magazine began during the fight against institutionalism and the sponsoring church concept. For some years now, the lines have been pretty clearly drawn between the “liberal” and “conservative” churches; both groups have taken their stand and headed their separate ways.

In recent years, other issues have surfaced which have also had to be exposed as having their origin with the Devil. Hence, in recent years, the pages of this periodical have been filled with materials exposing the grace-unity heresy as propagated by Carl Ketcherside, Leroy Garrett, etc. Churches and preachers have been made aware of the existence of this heresy and have taken up the fight against it. Frankly, those of us who are associated with this paper are honored to have served the Lord in exposing this heresy through this teaching medium.

As we bring this year to a close, it is particularly important that I say “Thank You” to those who have helped us so much in the past.

Again this year, we owe Jeff Kingry a debt of gratitude because of the work which he has done in preparing the index to this volume of the magazine. The material which appears in the bound volumes of any paper is only as valuable as it is accessible; without the index which Jeff has prepared for us, the bound volume would be less useful than it presently is. Using the index to the bound volumes, one can locate any article quickly either by knowing the subject matter or the author’s name. Jeff, thank you for preparing this index for us. One word of thanks needs to be expressed to our writers as well. If the ones who contribute articles to Truth Magazine failed to do so, we would have nothing worthwhile to publish. Hence, we want to thank our writers for the fine material which they have sent to us. We would like to also invite others to send us articles for future use; we shall get them into print as soon as possible.

Truth Magazine XX: 51, p. 804
December 23, 1976