Volume XXI Completed

By Mike Willis

With this issue, we complete twenty-one years of publication of Truth Magazine and the end of my first year as editor of the paper. I must confess that I have thoroughly enjoyed my work, although there have been times when my work load was over bearing. With the end of this calendar year and this volume of Truth Magazine, I would like to give a preview of Volume XXII and changes which lie ahead for the paper.

First of all, I must announce that Jeffery Kingry has resigned as a staff writer for the paper. There are no doctrinal differences between us which have led to his resignation and there are no hard feelings between us. Jeff has simply reached the conclusion that he would be able to work more effectively without being formally connected with Truth Magazine. He has every intention of continuing to write for us from time to time, as my file cabinet with his submitted manuscripts proves amply.

Johnie Edwards Added To Our Staff

Secondly, I need to announce the addition of a new staff writer to the paper. I have asked Johnie Edwards of Plainfield, Indiana to serve as a staff writer for Truth Magazine and he has consented. Johnie was born in Dixon, Kentucky on July 1, 1929 to John B. and Lillie Edwards. He married Loretta Crowley of Dixon, Kentucky on July 29, 1950. They have three sons, Tom, Titus, and Johnie Paul. Tom is in the interior design business in Bloomington, Indiana; Titus is presently preaching for the Hessville church in Hammond, Indiana; Johnie Paul has just begun working with the First Street Church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

Johnie received a Bachelor of Arts degree from David Lipscomb College in 1951 and has done some work toward a Master’s Degree at Indiana University. He began preaching in 1948, when he preached his first sermon for the Fairview church in Dixon, Kentucky where he grew up. He has worked with local churches in Burns, Tennessee; Aiken, South Carolina; West Second Street in Bloomington, Indiana; and North Church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He moved just this past year from Ellettsville, Indiana to Plainfield, Indiana after preaching in Ellettsville for almost sixteen years. Johnie holds a large number of meetings every year in all parts of the country. He has conducted a weekly radio program in Bloomington, Indiana for over twenty years. He has also been instrumental in helping a number of young men get started in gospel preaching.

Johnie has also written articles for the following periodicals: Truth Magazine, Faith and Facts, The Gospel Guardian, and others. We hope that you will look forward to reading his articles as they appear from time to time in Truth Magazine.

Special Material In Volume XXII

I have already done a good bit of work toward the completion of Volume XXII, although we are at the present closing out Volume XXI. I think that you will look forward to receiving the next year of Truth Magazine because of the fine material which we shall be publishing in it. Here are some of the specials we have prepared:

1. A special issue on the Lord’s Day and other holy days. The very first issues of 1978 will contain some excellent material on the proper observance of the Lord’s Day, including the activities of the Lord’s Day, what has happened to the Lord’s Day, and unscriptural holy days (Jewish feast days, Christmas, Easter, etc.). I think that you will find this material to be some of the best which you have ever seen written on this subject.

2. A Family Circles Series. Inasmuch as the family is under constant attack, we have asked Leslie Diestelkamp to write some material on the home which we intend to publish on a weekly basis beginning in the latter part of January. Brother Diestelkamp is very qualified to write on this subject, as those who know him will testify. Having already read this material in preparing it to be set in type, I can tell you now that you will not want to miss a single issue of Truth Magazine in 1978.

3. A Study of the Translations of the Bible. Bobby Graham has given us permission to publish the series which appeared in his weekly bulletin on the various translations of the Bible which have been made. The material comes to us highly recommended. It is written on the level of the common man so I am sure that you will not be bogged down with details so much that you do not understand what Bobby has written. I am sure that you will not want to miss Bobby’s comments about the translation of the Scriptures which you use.

I have a few other special issues in mind for 1978 which are still on the drawing board which I hope to bring to completion very soon. Too, I already have several editorials which are planned. I have a series of articles already set in type on “Imputed Righteousness” which I plan to publish in the early months of 1978 and another series on the “Battle of Armageddon” which is already written. In addition to these materials, I have a good collection of manuscripts written by brethren all over the country on a variety of subjects which I shall be publishing throughout the year. The year 1978 will be a good year for those who read Truth Magazine.

Because of the nature of the material which we are publishing, I would like to encourage each of our readers to tell one other Christian about Truth Magazine. Quite frankly, I need your help to increase the circulation of the paper. You know brethren whom I have never met who would be interested in receiving just such a paper as we publish. Will you recommend Truth Magazine to your friends? Truth Magazine continues to be the very best bargain among the religious journals. We mail out fifty issues of sixteen pages each every year for the annual subscription price of $7.50. Where can you beat that quantity and quality of material at that price? We will send a club of ten subscriptions for $5.00 per month or a club of twenty subscriptions for $10.00 per month. Will you help us to increa$e our circulation by telling your friends about this paper or sending a club of subscriptions?

Bound Volumes

We conclude each calendar year with the publication of an index to what has been written during the preceding year. An index is the only thing which makes the valuable material published in the periodicals accessible to later readers. The bound volumes and stacks of old papers which brethren collect are only as useful as the availability of recall makes possible. We think that we have one of the very best indexes around. We have a good index because Jeffery Kingry has devoted his time to putting it together for us. I do not know how to thank Jeff adequately for the job which he has done. It is very time consuming to prepare An index to a paper like Truth Magazine. All of our readers thank you for a job well done, Jeff.

I might also mention that you should place your order now for the bound volume of Truth Magazine if you ever intend to get one. We do have a few volumes of earlier volumes of Truth Magazine left in stock but when that supply is exhausted there will be no reprinting of them. The best way you have to guarantee that you will have each year’s bound volume is to write to have your name placed on the list of those who automatically purchase a bound volume each year. Why not send in your order now?


I am looking forward to coming into your home fifty times during the next year. I hope that you will take the time to read Truth Magazine-from cover to cover. I have read every page of every one of these issues and I can tell you that it is worth your time. We will be seeing you again in 1978.

Truth Magazine XXI: 50, pp. 786-787
December 22, 1977