What are We Doing Here?


We come to services to worship God: Our concentration should be with the speaker — whether in class, during prayer, or during the sermon. But at times, our concentration is broken and the message lost to us because of noise in the building. Did you ever lose the entire lesson because you were trying to figure out who was clipping their nails in services? Did you lose your concentration because you were trying to figure out who was popping their gum?

Children are often the source of noise and distraction. Sometimes we give our children anything in our purse or pocket just to keep them quiet-for example, our keys. Did you ever stop to realize that just one clink of keys could be heard in the entire building — how about an entire service of keys hitting the bench? Then there is the case of squeaking toys for our children to play with during worship services. Here again, just one squeak causes a loss of concentration; but, how about constant squeaking?

Where was your interest when someone came in to sit down late for class, with the speaker or with the person late? How about late arrivals coming in during the song service? Were you able to put all you had into the song and receive the same? Who was the person that arrived late and came in the building during prayer?

When we arrive for worship services we need to come prepared. We should have our lessons studied and our minds open for the word of God. If we are guilty of coming in late, we are not only taking away from our own concentration, but also distracting others. If our nails need to be manicured, our eyebrows plucked, or our hair brushed, let us prepare before services.

For those of us who have children, we need to prepare them for services. We need to “practice” quiet times at home so this hour of worship will not be strange. We also need to prepare by having “quiet” toys, if we feel toys are necessary, for our babies. We also should prepare by feeding them before they arrive at the building. I am not referring to bottles of milk or juice for the babies, but cereals such as “cheerios” and food such as raisins are not necessary in the building. They have a way of being left on our carpet to be ground in or tracked throughout the building.

There are times when quietness is essential in our services. We need to stop and take stock of what we do to help others learn the word of God. Are we helping someone to learn how a Christian should act in worship services,? Do we add to the reverent atmosphere that is conducive to the uplifting of our souls? What are we doing here? Think on these things.

Truth Magazine XXII: 5, p. 92
February 2, 1978