What is a Home Without a Bible?

By Dennis C. Abernathy

As I was reading the following poem, I was made to wonder just how many homes there are without Bibles.

What is a home without a Bible?

‘Tis a borne where day is night,

Starless night, for o’er life’s pathway,

Heaven can shed no kindly light.

What is a home without a Bible?

‘Tis a home where daily bread

For the body is provided,

But the soul is never fed.

What is a home without a Bible?

‘Tis a family out at sea;

Compass lost and rudder broken,

Drifting, drifting, thoughtlessly.

What is a home without a Bible?

List! and ponder while I speak;

‘Tis a home with Bibles in it,

But opened not once a week!

How well the poem says it. There are countless multitudes in the world who never read the Bible. Churches are made up of people who claim to follow the Bible as a guide, but who never bother to arouse the dust on the cover to open it. We hear it stated that the Bible tops the best seller lists (and this is good) but, I am afraid there are more Bibles sold than are read and studied! Christian, are you guilty also? For shame!

About all many know about the Bible is what they have been told, or picked up somewhere. This is why there is so much confusion in the religious world, and why there are so many people believing so many different doctrines.

The person that will not study the Bible is a lazy person. Hell will be filled with those claiming to be Christians, but who never studied the orders of the Captain of our salvation. If we could just realize that the Word of God will be the standard by which we will be judged in the last day (Jn. 12:48). Be not deceived into thinking, you can plead ignorance.

Do not trust the salvation of your soul to a “hit-and-miss” kind of knowledge of what God will have you to do. Be a man, stand on your own two feet, and study your Bible diligently and you can stand approved before God (2 Tim. 2:15). The Word is the truth (Jn. 17:17). It can make you free (Jn. 8:32). But, you must have the initiative to search it (Jn. 5:39; Acts 17:11). Is your home a “home with a Bible” or a “home without a Bible”? Think about it!

Truth Magazine XXI: 5, p. 77
February 3, 1977