What Is YourAttitude??

By Robert W. La Coste

Before people go wrong in doctrine or practice, they first go wrong in attitude. The very way you feel toward Bible teaching could very well determine the destiny of your own soul!

Bad attitudes, and consequently false teaching, do not occur overnight. Apostasy in any sense is a slow process by which Satan through his vain deceit captures and rules the hearts of men. When attitudes start souring toward Bible teaching, individuals become disgruntled, indifferent and then finally fall in to apostasy. Those that respect the word of God are those who take inventory of their attitudes and make sure they do not conflict with divine teaching. How about You! What is your attitude toward the word of God? (And I mean everything contained in His word?)

Are you one that likes and obeys part of the word and rejects the rest? Is that your attitude? Or perhaps it is your attitude to like what the word says, but delay in your obedience to it. In either case you must change or turn from such attitudes! The only attitude God will accept in relationship to His word is an open acceptation of it and one who lives it openly! Consider the attitude of Cornelius. “We are all present before God to hear all things commanded thee of God.” (Acts 10:33) Consider the attitude of Joshua, “Choose you this day whom ye will serve…. as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” (Josh. 24:15)

Whatever our attitudes toward Bible teaching, we must make sure they are godly and in respect of that teaching; any other attitude would eventually prove fatal. Is your attitude one that loves and obeys all of Gods teachings? Or is it just possible that your attitude keeps you from having a covenant relationship with God? Consider it well; for where you spend eternity will depend on it!

August 10, 1972