What We Were Told

By Larry Ray Hafley

(1) We were told that abortion would eliminate the problem of unwanted and abused children. We were told that women who were “forced” to give birth often abuse and neglect the children. We were told to choose between abortion and abuse.

What we were sold was both abortion and abuse. Abortion has not eliminated the scourge of unloved, unwanted, ignored, neglected and abandoned children. If you do not agree, check your newspaper.

(2) We were told that the theory of evolution ought to be accepted by Christians. We were told that it could be made to harmonize with the Bible. We were told that opposition to evolutionary theories was equivalent to being anti-scientific. We were told that both God and the Bible would have more acceptance in the circles of higher learning if we acknowledged “his evolutionary processes.”

What we were sold was infidelity. What we brought was open ridicule and sneering mockery. The package we were sold was evolution and the Bible, but when it arrived, the Bible was missing. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

(3) We were told that the “new morality” would liberate us from guilt and unnecessary conscientious scruples. We were told that out Judeo-Christian ethic was to blame for unwed mothers, divorce, family trouble and sex crimes. Our Puritan philosophy, they said was too rigid. Laws and rules of morality stir rebellion. You cannot legislate morality, they argued. So, we stocked up on free love and the rights of “consenting adults.” As the sale appeared to be such a bargain, we gladly traded in our values, gave away our virtue and surrendered our ideals.

What we were sold were more (not less) sex crimes, more (not less) divorce and family stress, more (not less) pregnancy out of marriage, more (not less) broken homes, battered wives, berated children and bruised hearts.

(4) We were told that women have the right to choose abortion. We were told that animals and criminals (sometimes one and the same, but here distinguished for literary purposes) have rights. We were told that laboratory rats and monkeys must be treated humanely (as though someone objects to that). We were told that murderers must not be “murdered” by the state.

What we were sold were laws to protect unhatched eagles, freedom for murderers to murder, and abortion rights. We received our shipment today. Enclosed was a white rat, playfully scurrying about, a cute but screeching eagle, the body of a murder victim, and oh, yes, the fetal remains of what would have been a baby girl. Have a nice day!

Guardian of Truth XXXIV: 22, p. 673
November 15, 1990