When Silence Is Not “Golden”

By James W. Adams

There is an old adage to the effect that silence is golden.” Much has been written most of it true-concerning the evils of the tongue and the care that should be exercised with reference to our speech. There is probably no subject more frequently discussed in the word of God than this. On the other hand, grievous wrong is often done by saying nothing when something ought to be said. Another familiar saying is “Silence gives consent.” Silence is often the refuge of the coward and the compromiser. It is quite often an effective means in perpetuating a vicious lie. Many an individual, who would not think of voicing a vicious falsehood about his neighbor, will give consent to and assist in perpetuating such a lie by silence when a word from him could have corrected and stopped the matter. Many permit Satan’s lies to triumph over God’s truth by their silence at vital moments. Well did Robert Louis Stevenson write: “The cruelest lies are often told in silence.”

TRUTH MAGAZINE XVII: 26, pp. 11-13
May 3, 1973