Where Are The Spiritual Environmentalists?

By Raymond Harris

According to a recent article, since the 17th century about 120 forms of birds have become extinct. Another 500 are said to be critically threatened. Additionally, various groups have formed to save seals, whales, the square-lipped rhinoceros of Africa, the monkey-eating eagle of the Philippines . . . and on and on.

Now, within reason, I have no quarrel with environmentalists-but it seems we have much more pressing problems that could have a much greater effect upon world conditions. I marvel when some get so excited about protecting the snail-darter and the mating ground of some diminishing species of moth and have so little concern for the current deterioration of the home – the human mating ground.

It seems that we humans need to become concerned about our environment and our own ecology. We are told that, in America, a minimum of 100,000 children are physically abused each year. Recently I read that 2,000,000 American couples have used lethal weapons on each other during their marriage. The same article noted that 20% of all police officers killed in the line of duty were killed while answering calls involving family conflict. And, it is now confirmed that, on the average, 13 teenagers kill themselves every day in this country.

And the statistics go on: (1) Fifteen million wives are “battered” by their husbands each year; (2) since 1973 there have been over 15,000,000 (yes, that’s 15 million) abortions; (3) it is reported that in 1982 there were more abortions than births in this country; (4) 38% of all first time marriages fail, and (5) the overall divorce rate is 50%.

Never in our history has our nation faced such dangerous and trying times.

Again, I say, I have no quarrel with nature lovers who want to protect all of God’s creatures. And, I have no quarrel with those who are very, very concerned about nuclear catastrophe.

However, if the current rate of self-destruction continues in American homes, hospitals, highways, and courts, there will be little, if any thing, here if and when the bombs fall.

If we are to save ourselves and our environment, we must turn back to God!

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 23, p. 715
December 6, 1984