Where There Is A Creation

By John W. Hedge

I once engaged a lady in conversation who denied the existence of God but who, as she expressed it, “worshiped the god of nature”. I observed that she used the word “creation” several times as she talked with me about her “god of nature.” Finally, I got her “flagged down” in her high praise of her “god of nature” to where I could ask a question about her repeated use of this word. The question was, “Can you have a creation without first having a creator?” I could see by the twitching of her face that she was stunned; but rallied with a smile saying, “Oh, I use that word with reference to nature,” to which I replied, “Yes, yes, I understand that you used it with reference to the god of nature which you worship, but my question still has not been answered. If nature is a “creation” who created nature?

Then I closed in for a little frank talk with this university graduate. I said, “Lady, you have been drinking too far down the stream of learning and the stream has become contaminated. You may not know it, but your class of nature worshipers is mentioned in the Bible. In the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the church of Rome, he speaks of a class who would become infidels simply because they did not like to retain a knowledge of God, “worshipers of the creation, more than the Creator who is blessed forever more” (Rom. 1:18-28). This lady tried to cast aside the truth I tried to teach her by saying, “I just don’t see it as you do – so you go your way of thinking and believing and I’ll go mine.” But I have an idea that what I taught her on that occasion stuck in her mind and ever afterwards. She was not as strong in worshiping her “god of nature” as she had been previously. In God’s creation as seen in the natural realm and, of which we are all a part in this world, everything bespeaks the fact of the existence of a Creator. Only the fool says in his heart, in order to shirk responsibility to God, “there is no God” (Psa. 14:1). But I wonder if there is any difference in God’s sight between the fool who says in his heart there is no God, and the man who avows his faith in God and yet lives as through there is no God. What about all ye who claim to believe in God?

Guardian of Truth XXVII: 5, p. 134
March 3, 1983