Writing By Brethren Today, and “Postage Due”

By Wallace H. Little

Much of the best writing done by brethren today appears in bulletins. Because of this, I am on the mailing list of a number of them, and read them with both pleasure and profit to myself. I am appreciative. Having edited several over the years, I am somewhat familiar with the problems of maintaining a mailing list. One of the biggest is caused by the comebacks which now cost $.25 each. Many, if not most are due to the fact when brethren move, they don’t send in the change of address, or if they do, they don’t send them early enough. It takes very few of these to be expensive, both in the time and money. Again, having I edited from time to time, I am aware of the difficulties involved.

But there is another side of the coin. Having sent in changes of address cards in plenty of time (six weeks to three months before moving), I could reasonably expect those publishing papers to make the adjustments in their address lists. Yet for some from whom I receive bulletins I greatly appreciate, I continue to receive the paper, forwarded from my last address (this costs me) some five months after moving and six or more months after sending the first of several changes of address cards in some instances.

Brethren, I appreciate your writing, and consider it useful and edifying. But please, let’s eliminate the “postage due” on both ends. I will promise to send the change of address cards in plenty of time if you will promise to pull my old address plate and put in a new one. That way I can continue to appreciate your writing.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 41, p. 661
October 18, 1979